The Coffin
  A Mickey M. Bonura & Daniel H. Ingraham film


Without the realization of my one precious wish, this film will never            be; without Mickey at my side, my soulmate, my one precious wish             can never be; the only way to unbind and set this movie and                      Mickey free is through reincarnation for me.
              So Mote It Be

Music playing "Adagio for Clairesse" is a demo piece composed by Marco Werba for "The Coffin." (c)2008. Used by permission. No unauthorized downloading.

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"The Coffin" written by  entertainment industry veterans Mickey M. Bonura & Daniel H. Ingraham will also by the pairs feature film directorial debut.  Also on board as Producer, UPM and 1st AD: ShawnxRamagos and Director of Photography Kristopher Hoffman.

"The Coffin" will be produced by Glass Asylum Productions, LLC & Fantaverse, Inc.

Name and genre cast are Jason Carter, Mike Christopher, Maria Grazia Cuccinotta, Scott Schwartz, James Hampton and Brinke Stevens.

We are still accepting Headshots and resumes for cast and crew. Please refer to our contact page to send your information. Just click on the respective E-mail addresses and please sent all information to both Mickey & Daniel. Thanks!

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